Job Opportunities

Prospective Employees:  The most recent positions are posted first.  Please apply directly to the employer.

Employers:  There is no charge to advertise your grant writing, grant researching, or grant management employment opening on our website for 60 days. We do not accept advertising for any other positions.  We accept free postings for employment opportunities only. We only post positions that have at least 21 days until the deadline to apply. To advertise your position, please forward a one page description of your organization, description of the position available, and instructions for applying in a Word.doc or docx file that is not protected Please provide a phone number for AGWA to contact your organization to verify the validity of the posting.  AGWA recommends you give preference to applicants who have earned the Certified Grant Writer® professional credential, but it is not required to advertise on our website.  E-mail your one page document to

Third Parties such as Advertising Agencies, Headhunters, or Employment Services.  Please click on "Advertise with Us" for the fees to post an advertisement for a job opportunity.

Resume Bank We also have a Members Only Resume Bank where we hold resumes of members who are currently seeking full-time or part-time positions as grant researchers, grant writers, or grant administrators.  Employers should contact Customer Service by e-mail at and request resumes from our Resume Bank.  Please indicate the location of the position and if you pay relocation expenses.

Grant Writer / Grant Manager in Gilbert, AZ for Town of Gilbert
Grant Writer in Rolla, MO at Missouri University of Science and Technology
Grant Writer in El Mirage, AZ at City of El Mirage
Grant Writer in Detroit, MI at Wayne State University
Grant Writer in Boston, MA at Mass Insight
Grant Writer in Eatonville, FL at Town of Eatonville
Grant Writer in Van Nuys, CA at Valley Presbyterian Hospital
Grant Writer in Hillsboro, TX at Hill College
Grant Writer in Boston, MA at Oldways
Grant Writer in San Francisco, CA at Canal Alliance
Grant Manager in San Francisco, CA at Catholic Charities
Grant Writer in Nevada at Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe
Grant Writer in Hanover, NH at Dartmouth College
Grant Writer in Dallas or Tyler, TX as Azleway, Inc
Grant Writer and Grant Manager in Santa Cruz, CA at Homeless Services Center
Grant Writer and Grant Manager in Los Angeles, CA at Southern California Institute of Architecture
Grant Writer in Rockville, MD at Montgomery Community Media
Grant Writer in King of Prussia, PA at Universal Health Services
Grant Writer in Riverside, CA at University of California Riverside
Grant Writer in New York, NY at University Settlement
Grant Writer in Chicago, IL at YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago
Grant Writer in Chicago, IL at The Nature Conservancy
Grant Writer in Boston, MA at Corporate Accountability International
Grant Writer in Detroit, MI at Natural Momma Me Initiative
Grant Writer in New York, NY at Eagle Academy Foundation
Grant Writer in NYC or Telecommuting at Equal Justice USA
Grant Writer in Massachusettes for Youth Enrichment Services
Grant Writer and Administrator in Livingston, MT for City of Livingston
Grant Writer in Demver, CO at Salvation Army
Grant Writer in Tinley Park, IL at St. Coletta's of Illinois
Grant Writer in Las Vegas, NV at Miracle Flights for Kids
Grant Writer in Princeton, NJ at Community Options
Grant Writer in Washington, D.C. at Enroll America
Grant Writer in Huntsville, AL at HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
Grant Writer Trainer for American Grant Writers' Association, Inc.
Grant Writer in Chapel Hill, NC at University of North Carolina
Grant Writer in Elk Grove Village, IL at American Academy of Pediatrics