Call for Presenters

2023 Grant Conference

Atlanta, GA

July 27-29, 2023

AGWA is requesting proposals to present a 50-minute session.

Guidelines for 50-minute presentations:

  • A 45-minute PowerPoint presentation is required.  Please have all slides on one file, rather than multiple files.
  • A paper handout of presentation highlights must be distributed to all conference attendees at the beginning of the session.
  • If using an ice breaker at the beginning of session, please limit it to 3-minutes, therefore allowing plenty of time for content
  • Connecting to the internet during the presentation will be available, however, please limit viewing web pages to 5 minutes.
  • Content should be appropriate for experienced grant writers.  Ideal topics are preparing evaluation plans, winning grant project design, tips for competitive government grant applications, tips for researching ideal funders, etc.

Additional information for a presentation by a Certified Grant Writer:

  • Presenters earn 5 Renewal Credits for each 50-minute session presented if ...
    • the CGW is a registered conference attendee,
    • the CGW provides an electronic PowerPoint presentation on a USB drive to the Conference Emcee 5 minutes prior to the session, 
    • the CGW provides a paper handout on the presentation highlights to each session attendee,
    • the maximum length of ice-breaker (or fun activities) during the 50-minute session is limited to 3 minutes, and
    • the presentation earns 5 CGW Renewal Credits.

If interested then send the following information to AGWA by e-mail  to

  • Your name with degrees and credentials
  • Your e-mail address and phone number
  • A short description of your presentation
  • A title for your presentation 
Once your session topic is  selected, then you will be notified and requested to provide the following:
  • An electronic copy of your PowerPoint presentation
  • A photo (business headshot) for our website
  • A very short Bio (no more than 1-minute long) to be read by Emcee when introducing you at the conference
  • Whether or not you will need to connect to the internet during the presentation


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