AGWA Grant Writing Services


AGWA Grant Consulting Services accepts consultation requests from any U.S. business that has been operating and providing services.

  • Unfortunately, we do not accept requests from Individuals seeking grants for personal needs nor do we accept requests for educational scholarships. 
  • We do not provide services to new Business Start-Ups. Grant applicants should have other revenue sources.

Once we receive your information, we will contact you either by phone or e-mail the following business day and we will tell you if your business is a likely recipient of grant awards.   Our Client Relations Director will answer your questions about grants and inform you about our grant services and fees. 

A signed Client Agreement and payment by check must be received by AGWA prior to services commencing.  

To request a free consultation please click here and complete the form.  Once you submit the form then AGWA will phone you within the next 2 business days.

Business Participatation with the Grant Consultant
When a business hires a Grant Consultant to prepare a letter, proposal, or application for a grant award, there is a considerable amount of "EFFORT" that will still be required on the part of the business.  So, one person in the business should be designated as the point person to work with the Grant Consultant.  Typical responsibilities of the business that must be accomplished in a timely manner will include the following:
  • Registration with the System for Award Management (SAM) will be required and must be maintained annually (if applying for a Federal grant) 
  • Provide the Annual Organization Budget for current year 
  • Provide the Project Budget (summary budget plus line item details for the Budget Narrative)
  • Provide a  Summary of project to be funded (services to be provided as well as scope of services, target population description, geographic service area, project staffing plan
  • Provide Resumes of Key Personnel
  • Provide Information for any forms required by the Grantmaker
  • Reviewing documents prepared by the Grant Consultant; this review process may be repeated several times during the writing process
  • Actual online submission or mailing of the letter, proposal or application to the Grantmaker
Grant Writing Services and Pricing

Foundation and Corporate Grant Research and Writing Package 
Nonprofit organizations with exempt and charitable status may purchase the Foundation and Corporate Package for either General Operating Support, Program Support, or Capital Support.   A signed contract and check must be received prior to AGWA commence services.  This package features the following:
  • AGWA will Identify a minimum of 6 Foundations or Corporations that accept unsolicited proposals, letters, or applications for the appropriate type of support 
  • AGWA will gather information from your staff about the organization, program description (fully developed), program goals, target population, service area, community impact, local competitors, collaborators, and the budget including revenue and expenses
  • AGWA will write a draft proposal and then sent it to the client for review
  • AGWA will edit the proposal based on client's feedback, and then prepare a Full Proposal, the Letters of Inquiry, and / or Applications
  • AGWA will send the client the Final Full Proposal, Letter of Inquiry, and / or Application(s) as well as the submittal information for a minimum of 6 Foundations or Corporations
  • The client will sign the Letters, Proposals, and Applications and submit them to the funder(s) in a timely basis
​Foundation and Corporation Grant Package Price:  $500.00

Government Grant Application
Eligible entities may purchase the Federal Government Grant Application.  A signed contract and check must be received by AGWA prior to the start of the project.  
This purchase includes the following:
  • AGWA will research grant opportunities and identify a Notice of Funding Announcement for which the applicant and its project are eligible
  • AGWA will request from the client specific business, project, and technical information including the budget
  • AGWA will prepare any needed Letters of Intent 
  • AGWA will prepare the Application Template, Narrative Draft, Budget Narrative Draft, 424 Budget Form, and any attachment documents
  • AGWA will forward the drafts to the client for review
  • AGWA will make revisions based on the client's feedback
  • AGWA will provide the Pre-Application (if recommended or required) and Final Application Template including all documents and attachment to the client at least 3 days prior to the published due date.
  • The client is responsible for signing documents and submitting application is a timely basis.
Government Grant Application Prices:
  • $2,000 for one Federal Application 
  • $1,000 for one State or Local Application

Program Development
If a business wants a grant, but does not have a fully developed program or project, then AGWA can be hired to provide a "field of interest" expert to design a competitive program. This service requires a supplemental fee to the grant writing service.  A project / program description will be provided to the client including a Logic Model that can be used as a working document during program operation.  
Program Development Prices:
  • $200.00  Program Development using a Logic Model for a Foundation or Corporate Grant
  • $500.00  Program Development using a Logic Model for a Government Grant

Review of your Proposal or Application
If your business has already prepared a proposal or application, then a certified grant consultant can review your Program Narrative, Budget, and Budget Narrative to make sure it is the most competitive application possible.  A copy of the NOFA, RFP, or Guidelines is  required to complete the review.  The certified grant consultant will review the documents to determine if they meet the funding requirements, project design, scope, innovation, and regulations.  Recommendations for improvement will be provided.  This service does not include rewriting any of the documents.
Review Prices:
  • $200.00  Foundation or Corporate Proposal, Letter, or Application  
  • $500.00  Government Application (Federal, State, or Local )
Long-Term Services for Multiple Applications
This is an excellent option for organizations looking to needing a grant writer full or part time. AGWA can provide dedicated service to clients interested in applying for multiple grant applications over a two to 12-month period.  A  Certified Grant Writer® will be assigned to work with your organization’s long-term grant research and writing needs. You can secure the dedicated services of a Certified Grant Writer® for 5-40 hours per week for a minimum 2-month contract. Advantages of contracting a Certified Grant Writer® rather than hiring an employee include: 
  • no fringe benefits to pay
  • no office space or supplies to provide
  • no time off or lack of productive time
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