Grant Writing Workshop in Baltimore, MD in 2014
Grant Writing Workshop in New Orleans, LA in 2014
Online Courses
All online courses are taught by an Online Instructor who holds a Certified Grant Writer® Professional Credential and has at least 10 years of experience as a grant writer and online teaching.

Students receive all Course Materials and Course Assignments as an attachment to an e-mail. The student may correspond with his/her online instructor by e-mail.  

Students have a maximum of 90 days to complete all of the online assignments for each course.  Courses may be purchased on any day. Coursework will begin on the next business day after purchase.  Students will receive the Section 1 Course Materials and Assignments on the next Business Day following the day of purchase.  

Students who need additional time may purchase a 90-day extension for $100.00 at any time within one year from the purchase of the online course.  The extension may be purchased on the Marketplace page.  A maximum of two 90-day extensions may be purchased.

Each online course is divided into several sections.  Each section's assignments must be completed before the next section's Course Materials will be sent to the student.

A Certificate of Course Completion will be sent to online students who successfully complete all of the course assignments.  The Certificate of Course Completion is competency-based and documents contact hours.

CEU certificates are no longer available.

Grantseeking Courses for Project Grants:
  • Grant Writing for Government Grants (click)
    • Basic course to prepare Applications for Government Project Grants.   
    • On Sale thru 8/22/2019 for $379.00​ per person
  • Program Development and Proposal Writing (click)
    • Learn to prepare compelling letters, proposals, and applications for Foundation, Corporate, and Government Project Grants for all eligible organizations. 
    • This is our most comprehensive grant writing course to win competitive grant awards!
    • Course may be purchased separately, or as part of the Certified Grant Writer® Series.
    • On Sale thru 8/22/2019 for $549.00 per person
  • Grant Writing for Non-profit Organizations click
    • Basic course to pepare letters, proposals and applications for Foundation and Corporate Project Grants.
    • On sale thru 8/22/2019 for $379.00 per person
  • Certified Grant Writer® Series (click)
    • Package includes an online course as well as CGW Review and Exam
    • On sale thru 8/22/2019 for just $949.00 per person when purchased online
  • Evaluation Plans for Project Grants - Advanced Course (click)  
    • In-depth course on designing competitive evaluation plans
    • Appropriate for grantseekers preparing project grant proposals and applications.
    • Course price is $499.00 US per person  On sale thru 8/22/19 for $449.00
Grantseeking Course for Research Grants:   
  • Preparing Applications for Research Grants  (click)  New Course
    • Online course to learn the basics of preparing applications to be awarded a Research Grant. 
    • Appropriate for grant writing working in Sponsored Research Office who will be assisting the researcher prepare the application
    • Course price is $499.00 US per person.  On sale thru 8/22/19 for $399.00
Course for Grant Management:
  • Grant Management (click here)
    • Appropriate for staff at Government agencies, Nonprofits, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, and For-Profit Business.  Learn how to manage grants that have been awarded to your organization.
    • On sale thru 8/22/2019 for 399.00 per person
Course for Grant Consulting: