Debit / Credit Card Purchases

Debit / Credit Card Purchases


Use a secure internet connection.  Public wifi transactions will be declined.

For a credit or debit card transaction to be accepted, you will need to know the correct Card Number, Name, Billing Street Address, Zip Code, and Expiration Month/Year on file with your bank or Credit Card Company, as well as the security code on the back of the card.  Our credit card processing system verifies this information and declines any transaction that does not perfectly match.  This is for your protection to reduce fraudulent use of your credit / debit card.

If you have a declined transaction, stop and do not attempt to re-enter the information, or proceed with the purchase, until you have the correct Card Number, Name, Street Address, Zip Code, and Security Code.

American Grant Writers' Association does not receive any funds when your transaction is declined.  In fact, we are charged a processing fee for each declined transaction!  

Some banks and credit card companies place a "Hold" on your account in the amount of the declined transaction for several business days.  You can contact your bank or credit card company before using your debit/credit card to ask them if your bank has this policy.

AGWA will be happy to assist you and your Bank to remove the Hold quicker, if your bank is willing to cooperate.  Unfortunately not all banks will be willing to remove the "Hold" quicker, so you will need to be assertive.  It is important to understand that the "Hold" is a policy of your bank and AGWA cannot remove the "Hold", even if your bank tells you otherwise.  Only your bank can remove its hold on your funds.  It is also important to understand that for your security AGWA does not know your debit/credit card number, nor the name of your Bank or Credit Card Company, so you will need to initiate the process and be actively involved.

The first step is to obtain a fax number of your bank or credit card company and provide this number to AGWA's customer service office.  AGWA will then fax a copy of the Declined Transactions to your bank so they can then follow the bank's internal process for removing a hold early.  The next step is follow up with the bank to verify that it has received the fax and is proceeding with its internal procedures to remove the Hold.



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