Effective Jan 2, 2016 AGWA is no longer providing links to State Grant Opportunities for all 50 States.

If you are a Business Member of AGWA, then you have links to State Grants through your annual subscription to GrantStation’s Research Database.
Everyone may search his/her State’s website by Department and Agency to find State Grant Opportunities.   Only five (5) states have a single portal similar to Grants.gov.  The other 45 States require grant writers to search the various agencies’ web pages for State Grant Opportunities.
                Iowa                   https://www.iowagrants.gov/index.do
                Minnesota          http://www.grants.state.mn.us/public/
                New Jersey        http://www.nj.gov/nj/gov/njgov/grants.html

                New York            
                Oklahoma           https://grants.ok.gov/login2.aspx

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